Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Robert Ellis: CITY OF ECHOES News -- Happy Publication Day!


Robert Ellis

CITY OF ECHOES is an epic thriller that introduces readers to LAPD Homicide Detective, Matt Jones, on the first night of his first murder case. A man has been gunned down in a parking lot off Hollywood Boulevard. At a glance, the bullet-riddled body appears to be the work of a serial robber who's been haunting the Strip for months. The crime is so grisly, the identity of the victim so outrageous, that Jones and his partner, Denny Cabrera, jump into the investigation faster than they should. Nothing about the direction they're taking is even close to safe. As Jones uncovers evidence linking the crime to a brutal, ritualized murder that occurred eighteen months ago, he begins to suspect that there's more going on beneath the surface, and that he and his partner are in too deep to turn back or escape.

Detective Matt Jones, Book 1

CITY OF ECHOES is the best novel I have ever written. It's also the most personal novel I have ever written. I feel so lucky to have met these characters and to have witnessed their thoughts and actions and the things they said. With a Starred Review from Booklist we were off to a great start. In August, Amazon announced that CITY OF ECHOES had been selected into the Kindle First Program. CITY OF ECHOES  was one of six books and the only mystery, and this is a huge honor. Now, finally, the most important day of all, is finally here. I can't wait for you to read this twisted story! I can't tell you how jazzed I am!


If you've read CITY OF ECHOES, and you liked it, then I'm hoping you'll take a few moments to share your thoughts with others. Writing a review and posting it on Amazon is absolutely the best way to help an author spread the word. A reader review is easy to write and can be as long or short as you like. Whether you post three words, three sentences, or three paragraphs, what matters is that you made the effort and shared your view on what has become my favorite novel so far!


I sensed that there was something different about CITY OF ECHOES while I was researching the novel. But it really hit home when I finished writing the second chapter. I knew that this one would be special. I also knew that meeting LAPD Detective Matt Jones would be an experience I'd never forget.

Publication Day is finally here! I hope you love reading CITY OF ECHOES as much as I loved writing it. This is an epic thriller, pure and simple, and a really scary story!

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