Saturday, July 9, 2016

Robert Ellis: THE LOVE KILLINGS Playlist, Cut 3, She Sells Sanctuary

The Cult, She Sells Sanctuary

Coming August 2, 2016
These are writing songs - songs and music videos that made up a good portion of my waking hours every night while writing THE LOVE KILLINGS. (I wrote the last thirty chapters in thirty-three days so I wasn't getting much sleep in early Winter and fed on music with energy!) The Cult's She Sells Sanctuary was released in 1985 with the album LOVE. There are only two standalone albums that are still as good for me as they ever were, maybe even better because both are still in my car. When SUPERSESSIONS with Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfield, and Stephen Stills came out it blew me way. Even now, when I close my eyes I can still hear Season of the Witch swimming in my mind.


But then the 80s came along, and with it, an incredible different sounding LP by the Cult called LOVE that seemed so real, new, even tight. Today it's even better. Ian Astbury truly delivers a command performance on vocals. And it's just the same with Billy Duffy playing lead guitar on a Gretsch no less!!! perhaps the most complex sounding electric guitar ever made. (The songs Rain and Revolution are just as amazing and will be posted later, along with more Stone Temple Pilots, who became my mainstay.)
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