Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Robert Ellis News: THE LOVE KILLINGS - Happy Publication Day!

Robert Ellis News

August 2, 2016

THE LOVE KILLINGS is set six weeks after CITY OF ECHOES when a new series of particularly gruesome murders occur in Philadelphia. All evidence points to the serial killer who fled Los Angeles, a man of unprecedented savagery and cunning. LAPD Homicide Detective Matt Jones is recruited by a federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice to join the FBI's special task force and hunt down this mass killer once and for all. Every aspect of CITY OF ECHOES is still in play here, twisted and all amped up. After the killer makes a horrific second strike, the search becomes frantic with Matt's ties to the murders and shocking personal history exploding before his eyes. This one's personal...


5 Star Reviews Help Writers Keep Writing
I was told a few weeks ago that more than two thousand readers had pre-ordered copies of THE LOVE KILLINGS. The news was terrific -- this has never happened before -- and it made my day! And now I'd like to ask you for a personal favor. If you read THE LOVE KILLINGS and really like it, please share your thoughts with others by posting a five star review on Amazon. Reviews are easy to write because they can be anything you want them to be. One or two sentences are probably the average, so the length doesn't really matter. Just blurt a few sentences out, jot them down and post your note. Posting a five star review is absolutely the best way to help spread the word about any author you care about. And doing it as close to publication day is really important because your thoughts will help set the tone for others. So after you hit the last page, take deep breath and blast away! I counting on you!


Robert Ellis
THE LOVE KILLINGS is an experiment for me as an author in the sense that it is an actual continuation of CITY OF ECHOES, Detective Matt Jones first murder case. A lot of loose ends were still in play at the end of that first thriller, and I enjoyed every one of them. But now six weeks of story time have passed -- the chase is on -- and THE LOVE KILLINGS is off and running. While it may not be necessary to have read CITY OF ECHOES first, (and yes, several twists and turns from the first novel are openly discussed in the second), the two novels back to back deliver something more than I could have ever wished for or even imagined. CITY OF ECHOES and THE LOVE KILLINGS. I hope you love reading these two novels as much as I loved writing them!

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