Friday, October 28, 2016

Robert Ellis: CITY OF ECHOES, Crime Scene Photos

"Vega opened a file folder and pulled out an email from the New Orleans Police Department that included several crime scene photos of the girl’s nude body staked to the ground, along with before and after shots of her face. Until two days ago Kim Bachman had been an innocent-looking young brunette with light brown eyes. Now her face was mutilated, the moment of her death frozen in a grotesque smile that stretched from ear to ear. Matt stared at the photograph, still unable to comprehend how anyone, no matter what their psychological issues, no matter what their past, could do this to another human being, or any living thing. It almost seemed as if the killer intentionally picked out the most pure, the most gentle, in order to underline their transformation from all that was beautiful in this world to all that was hideous."
– Robert Ellis, CITY OF ECHOES


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Robert Ellis: CITY OF ECHOES on Discovery

          "Matt turned back, crossing another path onto the lawn. As they hiked beneath a series of large oak trees, he looked ahead and began to understand where Lane might be leading them. He could see the flowers and battery powered candles and notes and photographs set on the grass before the tree on the very end. It was a memorial, sacred ground—someone had died here.
          Lane slowed to a stop as they reached the tree, and Matt followed his gaze to a photograph stapled to the bark.
          It was a young woman, a brunette with bangs and gray eyes ... She had a certain way about her, a certain look that vaguely reminded him of a friend’s younger sister back in Jersey. Maybe it was her bangs, or just the clean feel of her smile the moment the shot was snapped."
                     – Robert Ellis, CITY OF ECHOES

City of Echoes Cover Design (2015)



Thursday, October 13, 2016

Robert Ellis: THE LOVE KILLINGS on Love

"He could see the sweat collecting on her forehead and above her full lips. He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to leave her alone in the room. He was in love with her, he realized. He was in love with her being, her body, the idea of her, the fact of her, the sound of her voice. But it was more than that. Way more. He loved everything about her. The things she was touching. The things she was looking at."
               -- Robert Ellis, THE LOVE KILLINGS

Photo by Amy Nagdeman

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Robert Ellis: ACCESS TO POWER Quote

“It’s not a dog-eat-dog world anymore,” he said. “Everything’s changed now. It’s rat-eat-rat, big shot. Winner takes all.”

             -- Robert Ellis, ACCESS TO POWER

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