Thursday, May 11, 2017

Robert Ellis: THE LOST WITNESS on Big Pharma, Dirty Politicians, Real News Today

What happens when LAPD Lena Gamble is confronted with a series of outrageous murders and the pool of suspects includes a dirty politician, a doctor on the
take, and the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and his spoiled rich son? Oh, and why not add a doctor-turned-hit man, Nathan G. Cava, who has become so mesmerized by pharmaceutical ads on TV that he believes he needs the drugs and takes them. All of them...

With Starred Reviews from both Publishers Weekly and Booklist, The Lost Witness is one of the most critically acclaimed novels I've ever written. And with that doctor-turned-hit man, Nathan G. Cava, it might be one of the most relevant and most fun. This is a true roller coaster ride from start to finish that I enjoyed taking another look at this week. Hope you will too.


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