Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Robert Ellis: May 15 Book Contest Winner

Congratulations to Connie from Magnolia, DE for winning the draw today for a free book! A signed 1st edition hardcover copy of MURDER SEASON with Detective Lena Gamble is on its way!

For contest details and more info about entering the draw, please go to

Happy reading!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Robert Ellis: BOOK CONTEST

On the 1st and 15th of each month, two readers are selected to receive a free book (US Only). Titles include both Detective Matt Jones thrillers, and all three Lena Gamble novels. The Gamble novels are hardcover 1st editions. All books are signed.

To enter, click the link below, go to my website and follow the instructions. Or even easier, just send an email to me at Be sure to write BOOK CONTEST in the subject line, and let me know where you would like the book shipped if you win. Good luck to all, and enjoy the read!

Congratulations to Evelin from Marietta, GA for winning this month's Book Contest and a signed 1st edition hardcover of CITY OF FIRE. The next drawing is May 1st. Thanks to everyone who tossed their hat in the ring! And thanks for the kind words!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Robert Ellis: CITY OF FIRE, Chapter 27

The young woman living in Marina Del Rey is Avis Payton, who tells Lena and Novak that her purse was stolen last month, along with her credit cards and wallet. She no longer has the card used to access the porn site and shows them the bank statement indicating that the account was closed. It’s a dead end, and both Lena and Novak see Payton as a potential victim now because Romeo has her driver’s license and credit cards and knows where she lives. In a small, secluded, second floor apartment with a balcony at the beach …

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Robert Ellis: CITY OF FIRE, Chapter 26

Lena & Novak question Charles Burell at his home, the owner of the porn site Romeo logged onto the night he murdered Nikki Brant. Sifting through the list of members, Lena recognizes three names. “They were lifelong members of the holier-than-thou club. A senator from Pennsylvania. A radio talk-show host who talked about morality from his front-row seat somewhere to the right of Neptune. And that weird guy on God TV who thought he was Jesus and dispensed miracles to the little people if they sent him big enough checks.” As they go deeper into the list, they come up with someone whose log-on time matches the one found on the Brant’s computer. The problem is that it’s not a man. It’s a woman, living in Marina Del Rey...