Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Robert Ellis: CITY OF FIRE, Chapter 23

Lena and Novak attend a briefing with Dr. Bernhardt, a psychiatrist and criminal profiler who tells them that they’re looking for a psychopath who has evolved into a monster, tagging the killer “Romeo.” Bernhardt likens the killer to a shark, saying “He kills to live just as he lives to kill. When he’s full, he drifts to the bottom fantasizing about the day he can swim back to shore and do it all over again.”

Friday, December 14, 2018

Robert Ellis: CITY OF FIRE, Chapter 22

Lena works with Keith Upshaw, a former hacker who now works for the LAPD’s Computer Crime Section. Together they discover that the killer broke through the passwords on the Brant’s computer. He looked at porn and masturbated. He went through their finances. But of even more interest, he opened and read Nikki Brant’s notes and letters. Lena guesses that the killer gets off on the intimacy. That reading the private ruminations of the women he killed brings him closer to his victims and gives the maniac some sort of thrill!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Robert Ellis: CITY OF FIRE, Promotional Video

The promotional video for the novel never ran because it was deemed too twisted! We sure had a great time shooting it though! The actress couldn’t stop laughing. It was all pretty much of a spoof on Hitchcock’s FRENZY. Actually, just a single shot from the film! I’d forgotten all about the video until someone on the crew sent me a copy this week. Please take it in fun!