Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Robert Ellis

I finally found the courage to catch up on HOMELAND. I really didn't want to watch it this season. So much of the story had been resolved in the finale last year. So many wonderful characters had seen their final days. So much emotion had been spent. For the writers and producers of this brilliant cable production broadcast on SHOWTIME, it seemed like they would be forced to start over. And from where I sat, the bar seemed to be set so high.

Claire Danes as CIA Operative Carrie Mathison

I'll admit that I thought the first two episodes were a little rough. But, that's why you write another, and now, with week three, it feels like they have found their groove and hit air speed. There's a story thread with a young medical student that's already fascinating. I wish everyone connected with this series the very best, and can't wait to see if they're able to pull it off. Magic.


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