Monday, March 9, 2015


Robert Ellis

Just finished the copyedit. My creative editor calls CITY OF ECHOES "a tour de force" so it sounds like we're off to a pretty great start!

For all my fans who love the Lena Gamble novels, I offer you this challenge. I'm going to say here and now that you're going to love Matthew Trevor Jones even more. CITY OF ECHOES is billed as a Matthew Trevor Jones Thriller. The story is set in Lena Gamble's world of Hollywood and Los Angeles. Lena even makes a brief, but memorable appearance at the very end of the novel.

City of Echoes by Robert Ellis
But this is Matt Jones's story. Jones grew up in New Jersey. When his father abandoned him as a young boy, his aunt took in Jones and raised him. After she died, Jones signed up and went off to Afghanistan where he met another soldier, Kevin Hughes. Hughes convinced Matt to move to Los Angeles and join him as an LAPD cop. CITY OF ECHOES begins five years after that. Matt has just been promoted to Hollywood Homicide and is handed his first murder case. Unfortunately for Matt, the murder is so horrific and twisted it staggers the imagination. There's no way a rookie homicide detective should have been handed this case.

Once you start reading the first chapter of CITY OF ECHOES, this one's not going to let go. My former editor always used to say that she thought each one of my novels was better than the next. When I turned in MURDER SEASON, she loved it so much she told me that she doubted I could ever top it. I guess I wasn't listening! Or maybe she lit a fire under me, and I had to dig deep down to deliver something new and fresh and even better for my new editor and publisher.

It's hard to imagine writing anything more personal than THE DEAD ROOM, but CITY OF ECHOES is the thriller I think I've been waiting for my entire creative life. So I offer you my challenge. I think you're going to love meeting Matthew Trevor Jones as much as I loved writing about him.
CITY OF ECHOES will be published August 25, 2015. Although we don't have cover art just yet, the novel can be pre-ordered at Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon Germany (English Edition).

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