Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter Blues

Robert Ellis

The winter of 2015 will go down for me as one of the most brutal winters I've ever experienced on Long Island Sound, or anywhere else for that matter. From start to finish, it's been more than just a grind or even an ordeal. It's been beyond the pale. My skin is so dry, my body hurts all over. My fingers feel like sandpaper. Today, the third day in back to back to back storms, my back -- that's right -- my back finally said, enough is enough, put the stupid shovel down. When I finished, the storm seemingly over and out, it started snowing again (just to get me, I figured!)

But even worse, as every storm approached the Weather Channel became progressively less watchable and I began to rely on my cell phone for forecasts. It seems that the Weather Channel has decided to name storms the way the rest of the world names hurricanes. So this week it was winter storms SPARTA and THOR. Next time out they're going with storm UTILMA. No one on the entire planet recognizes these names or gives them any validity at all other than the idiots at the Weather Channel. Seems like they have too much time on their hands. Or maybe they're making too much money off their ads and whatever they manage to steal out of our monthly cable bills. Whatever the case, and no matter how ridiculous all this must seem, no matter how hard I might laugh, those winter blues are up bright and early to greet me every day!

Cell phone forecast ... NYC and Connecticut ... if you can make it until Saturday, it's over. Sunday will set you free.

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