Thursday, April 14, 2016



Detective Matt Jones Book 1
By September 15, 2015 more than 100,000 readers had downloaded City of Echoes, my first thriller featuring LAPD Detective Matt Jones. Both readers and critics agreed, and City of Echoes received great reviews from the trades, more than 650 Five Star reviews from readers, and the honor of becoming a Best Book of September on

Watching all this happen has been amazing, and I very much want to express my thanks to everyone for their graciousness and support, but most of all, for hanging in there with me!

Creating an emotional roller coaster ride like City of Echoes was one of the best experiences of my life as a writer. Leaving all those wonderful loose ends in the final chapter was a real kick.

And that's why it was so important to deliver Matt Jones's second murder case as quickly as I possibly could . . . Is it really a second murder case or isn't it ...


The Love Killings, Final Draft
My publisher may still be working on behind the scene details in advertising and marketing, but on August 2, 2016, eleven months after the publication of City of Echoes, The Love Killings will be front and center, and all those loose ends will finally be tied up!

What makes this new thriller so cool is the freedom my editors and publisher gave me. The Love Killings isn't just the second case in a crime series. The Love Killings is an actual continuation of City of Echoes. Six weeks of story time pass, and LAPD Detective Matt Jones is back on the case. But even more, The Love Killings is set in Philadelphia--the very same neighborhoods as The Dead Room. On the spook meter, the one-two punch of City of Echoes and The Love Killings sets a new bar for me. A twisted story about family, greed, love, and death. An emotional pairing of two thrillers linked at the hip that I couldn't have ever imagined or even dreamed of writing.
Robert Ellis


City of Echoes, The Love Killings, and the life and times of LAPD Detective Matthew Trevor Jones have become more than special to me. While we wait out the clock and watch the days go by until August, I'd like to say thanks again for being such great fans. And thanks for the kind words and wonderful emails. But also a very special thank you to all my readers who have written and posted reviews for City of Echoes (and all of my novels) here and overseas. You're terrific!

Sleep loose,

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