Friday, May 20, 2016

Robert Ellis: Capital One's Fake TV Ad

Business Owner from Capital One TV Ad
We've all seen the TV ad a hundred times. The smart looking woman who owns a special effects house in Hollywood.

"I built my business with passion," she says. "But I keep it growing by making every dollar count."

Wow! She's smart. She's creative. She gets things done. What's her cell phone number?

Business Logo from Capital One TV Ad
This is an ad campaign that saturated the market a long time ago, produced for a bank that has a history of broadcasting some of the worst TV ads on television. Someone was bound to notice that this ad came off fishy. Silly me for beginning the investigation by opening my search engine and entering the name of the company that's depicted in the background of the very first shot.

"Shutter Visual Effects."

Em. Nothing came up. It seemed odd. In the TV ad the owner can be seen directing a staff of more than fifty graphic artists. The equipment they're using looks sophisticated and up to date. In the shop area they're putting the finishing touches on a dragon that seems so familiar I can almost remember the film it was used in. Almost, but not quite.

"Shutter Visual Effects."

Robert Ellis
This time my search engine lit up with a warning. The special effects house "Shutter Visual Effects" doesn't exist. The smart looking woman doesn't own a business and probably doesn't have a clue what a special effects house does.

I played the ad again looking for a disclaimer stating that I'm watching an actress and that nothing about the TV ad for Capital One is real or true. I couldn't find one because even a small measure of transparency doesn't exist.

"I built my business with passion," she says. "But I keep it growing by making every dollar count."

I wonder how many takes it took to capture all the passion! The drama . . .


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Make the Most, Capital One TV Ad