Friday, January 25, 2019

Robert Ellis: CITY OF FIRE, Chapter 25

With Novak checking on the DNA, Lena speaks with Dr. Westbrook, a psychiatrist from the FBI’s Behavioral Science Section, copying her report to Teddy Mack, the young attorney who solved the ET Murders in The Dead Room case last year. No doubt about it, Romeo is a serial killer. Then Keith Upshaw from the Computer Crimes Section gives Lena her first break. Romeo was using the Brant’s computer to look at porn on the night he murdered Nikki. The sites are for MEMBERS ONLY, and would have required a credit card to join.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Robert Ellis: CITY OF FIRE, Chapter 24

Martin Fellows eyes Harriet Wilson on the other side of the lab table as they prepare to dissect a Madagascar hissing roach at Dreggco Industries. Fellows can smell Harriet’s vagina and becomes jealous because there’s another male biologist in the room. He looks at the roach in Harriet’s hand and remembers the look on Nikki Brant’s face when he downgraded her to a specimen and stabbed her to death the other night. Harriet says, “They can always tell when they’re about to die.” Martin Fellows nods as he readies his scalpel. “Yes, I think they can,” he says.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Robert Ellis: CITY OF FIRE, Chapter 23

Lena and Novak attend a briefing with Dr. Bernhardt, a psychiatrist and criminal profiler who tells them that they’re looking for a psychopath who has evolved into a monster, tagging the killer “Romeo.” Bernhardt likens the killer to a shark, saying “He kills to live just as he lives to kill. When he’s full, he drifts to the bottom fantasizing about the day he can swim back to shore and do it all over again.”