Friday, April 10, 2015

Down for the Count

Robert Ellis

I wasn't feeling too hot this week so I started digging around the medicine cabinet. That trusted bottle of 666 Cold Preparation looked a tad old, but I didn't really feel like getting in the car. It took about five minutes to dust off the bottle and free the cap. Then I closed my eyes and took a swig!

My oh my -- they used stronger ingredients back then!

666 Cold Preparation
When my mind cleared (ever so slightly!), I decided to take the afternoon off and stumbled over to my audiobook collection. Lawrence Block jumped out at me. The Bernie Rhodenbarr series. Today I picked THE BURGLAR WHO THOUGHT HE WAS BOGART, but the truth is, I could have picked any book from this series and enjoyed the afternoon. If you haven't read a book from the Rhodenbarr series, the basics are this. Bernie runs a bookstore, but he's also a master thief. The novels are light and full of laughs. But even more, one of the best things about listening to his work on audio is the fact that Block reads some of his novels, and some special editions of these novels, himself. When Block's doing the reading, he brings his vivacious personality to the sound booth and just lets it all out. Discovering each novel feels like coming upon a new gem.

If I was in the business of reviewing audiobooks, which I'm not, I'd still call the Bernie Rhodenbarr series read by Lawrence Block a 5 Star experience. It made my afternoon. Either the novel did, or the ride I took on that old bottle of 666 Cold Preparation!

Sleep loose,

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