Friday, June 24, 2016

Robert Ellis: THE LOVE KILLINGS Playlist, Cut 1, Plush

Coming August 2, 2016
Stone Temple Pilots, Plush

While many of you know that in a former life I played an electric guitar in several garage bands (making noise you're lucky you never heard!), managed the kitchen at a nightclub in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania called the Main Point where I had the opportunity to hang out with music legends like Muddy Waters and Chick Corea, the truth is that THE LOVE KILLINGS might be the most intense novel I've ever written. While I've enjoyed putting music that I'm listening to in my novels in the past, it didn't feel right this time around. Not with a story like this one set in Philadelphia so close to where I grew up.

Still, I had to survive the writing process with my fix. These are the songs I listened to almost every night in order to maintain the intensity, but also, to keep everything together. Ha! Let's see if it worked!


Sleep loose,

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