Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Robert Ellis: THE LOVE KILLINGS Playlist, Cut 4, Big Bang Baby

Coming August 2, 2016
Robert Ellis: THE LOVE KILLINGS Playlist, Cut 4
Stone Temple Pilots, Big Bang Baby

These are writing songs - songs and music videos that I listened to and watched while writing THE LOVE KILLINGS...

I was in the middle of writing THE LOVE KILLINGS when I heard the sad news that Scott Weiland, lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots, had passed away. The story had the feel of a dark death, alone in a tour bus on a cold winter night in Minnesota. It was December 3, 2015. I could see it in my mind like I'm seeing it now -- the eerie image of a bus idling in the night while knowing what was happening inside. It must have been horrific, worse than what my imagination is doing to it as I write this. My deadline for THE LOVE KILLINGS was twelve days off, (the absolute last, no more favors deadline), and I still had fourteen chapters to write, so I worked through the sad news as best I could. 
Stone Temple Pilots

 Weiland's voice and manner blew my mind from day one. But so did the raw sound of the entire band. Robert DeLeo's clean bass playing that seemingly had no limitations, Eric Kretz keeping the heat up on drums. But what stands out most for me is Dean DeLeo on lead guitar and his unique respect for rhythm and creating a true "wall of sound." I once heard Keith Richards talk about the "wall of sound." He said that it was so strong and so powerful at times that he could lean his back against it and feel the vibrations pushing him back up. Dean DeLeo gives the concept a whole new meaning, particularly in songs like Plush, Wicked Garden, and Sex Type Thing.

But maybe the best reason why I like Stone Temple Pilots so much is that it seems as if they succeeded because of their fans. Like the great film director, Stanley Kubrick, with each new project, it often took time for the  media to catch up. But the fans of both the band and the filmmaker were always there, and still are today.

THE LOVE KILLINGS will be here in less than two weeks.

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