Friday, July 1, 2016

Robert Ellis: THE LOVE KILLINGS Playlist, Cut 2, Man in the Box

Coming August 2, 2016

Alice in Chains, Man in the Box

These are songs and music videos I listened to and watched almost every night while writing THE LOVE KILLINGS. Jerry Cantrell's guitar solo in Man in the Box is one of my favorites from the early '90s. I love the way Cantrell splits the piece into two distinct halves, then breaks through the solo with a wonderful and extremely moving riff.

While my readers know how much I love "scoring" my novels with music that fits the story almost as if these books were films, THE LOVE KILLINGS seemed too intense to allow for breaks. So instead of Detective Matt Jones enjoying these tunes, I took his place, and happily so. Ha!


Alice in Chains, Man in the Box (YouTube Video) 

Sleep loose,
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